1. What does the E in EForce stand for?

    • Education. Our main goal at EForce is to provide the proper tools to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. We seek to accomplish this by educating each participant in all aspects of health, fitness and training.

  2. How does LTAD apply to me?

    • No matter what stage of athletic development you fall into, everyone is a part of the Long Term Athlete Development Model. LTAD starts at birth with the Active Start stage and progresses through adulthood to the Active for Life stage. At EForce we provide the proper programs for each age group so they can maximize athletic potential and ultimately lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

  3. Is EForce for everyone?

    • Absolutely!

  4. Where/How do I get started?


  1. Are EForce 7v7 teams like AAU basketball or other Club programs?

    • No. 7v7 football is strictly a skill development tool that allows athletes to avoid the physical pounding of extra tackle games in the off-season. Unlike other club type programs, our teams adhere to the LTAD model by ensuring proper Development-to-Competition ratios (8 development sessions-to-1 competition). In no way do these 7v7 teams replace the importance of participating with your high school/youth tackle football team. EForce 7v7 teams are a great way to compliment any skill training you are already doing with your high school/youth coach.

  2. Are there football training opportunities for all ages?

    • Yes! We offer camps, small group training and individual training for athletes of all ages.

  3. Why should I spend time honing my football skills out of season?

    • Just like hitting in a cage in January or shooting free throws in July, it is essential for football athletes to continually work on their skills in the off-season. In addition to being one of the most physical sports, football requires very specific movements for each position to learn. By utilizing the EForce training programs you will be able to get better no matter what skill level and position.

  4. Can I participate with EForce while I am playing other sports?

    • Yes! We encourage all athletes to play multiple sports, so all of our programs fit in the margin of your other athletic endeavors. Never will we require you to leave a sport you are competing in to attend an EForce event.


  1. What is a good age to have my child start training?

    • Any age is a great time to start training with EForce! Our systematic training and development programs mean that every athlete will get the exact training they need based on age, ability, sport

  2. Can I do Performance Training during my sport season?

    • Yes! It is actually very beneficial to do training in-season. Many athletes spend countless hours in the off-season working to develop themselves to their peak potential for their season. Unfortunately, many of these same athletes neglect to continue training during the season, leading to a decrease in speed, power, strength, and conditioning when it matters the most In-season training helps athletes to maintain their abilities while addressing any potential injuries as they come.

  3. What is the distrubution of speed, power, and strength training in your training sessions?

    • Our training is not a one size fits all. Based on many factors including an athletes goals, needs, age, injury history, etc. we develop training programs that are holistic in nature. This give each athlete the specific amount of sprinting, jumping, lifting, correctives, conditioning, etc. they need to help them reach their individual goals and athletic potential.

  4. Can I still train even if I'm injured?

    • You can absolutely train, and should still train while working through an injury. EForce Performance is strongly connected with many medical professional that are great resources to us. We as coaches are extremely knowledgeable to training modifications to help athletes continue to develop and reach their goals, while working through their physical therapy protocols. We often times integrate these physical therapy exercise into their training as well to help speed up the recovery process.

  5. What can we do outside of these training session to help maximize my results?

    • One of the many benefits our training with us is that we continue to give you strategies to maximize your results outside of your training session with us. From handouts covering topics including habits of successful athletes, nutrition/hydration, recovery, and goal setting, to extra workouts that compliment what you're already to with us. Athletes that train with EForce will be given all the tools they need to reach their peak performance.