The Importance of an In-Season Training Program

The Importance of an In-Season Training Program

We see it all too often! An athlete spends countless hours in the off-season working to develop themselves to their peak potential for their season.  Then, unfortunately, they neglect to continue training during the season, leading to decreases in performance/fitness and increases in the likelihood of injury.  Below we have listed our 4 biggest benefits to incorporating a well-designed in-season training program.

1.    Maintenance (or increase) of strength, power, speed, and conditioning levels.  

Being able to train (1-3 days per week) In-Season will allow athletes to maintain, and in many cases increase, the qualities listed above. This will help athletes continue to compete at a high level throughout the regular and post season. An example of a 3-day per week program is:

·      Day 1: Restoration & Recovery

·      Day 2: Power & Strength

·      Day 3: Speed & Potentiation

2.    Weekly monitoring of athletes health, wellness, and problem areas to help athletes manage training load and feel healthy/fresh.

A well-designed In-Season training program will include a restoration session. This will help athletes recover from the week of practice and competition while being able to go into the next week feeling fresh. These sessions also allow coaches to evaluate an athletes overall readiness and any areas of concerns so that training/practice can be adjusted as needed to make sure an athlete is fully recovered physically for the next completion.    

3.    Improves the transition back into Off-Season Training without taking any steps back.

A well-designed In-Season training program will make the transition into Off-Season training seamless so you can start getting prepared for next season without having to rebuild the qualities above to the levels they were at in the beginning of the season. In short, there is no wasted time or back tracking.

Off and on season chart comparison

4.    Increases in bigger picture (Long Term Athlete Development).

A well-designed In-Season training program is one part of the greater annual training plan. Having a good annual training plan that addresses the needs, age, sport, etc. of each athlete has a great impact on the long-term development of the athlete season-to-season and year-to-year.

 Increases in bigger picture (Long Term Athlete Development).

As an athlete who is looking to continuously perform at their highest level, and wanting to make the most out of their season, having a well-designed in-season training program is an absolute must! There are many aspects that go into the development of an in-season training program, and it is important to make sure you have a qualified coach to manage these variables. Athletic success is built off of a high-performance lifestyle and to be your best you can leave no stone unturned!

Erik Jernstrom

Director of Sports Performance @ EForce      

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