Valley Capitals

The Valley Capitals 7v7 program powered by EForce will feature athletes from the greater Mid-Willamette Valley (Salem, Corvallis, Albany and surrounding.) Teams will be coached by elite EForce coaches, play against top competition and receive customized Adidas player packages. Athletes will be chosen by participating in the EForce 7v7 tryouts beginning in November.

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  • January 5th - Practice

  • January 6th - Practice

  • January 12th - Practice

  • January 13th - Practice

  • January 19th - Practice

  • January 20th - Practice

  • January 26th - Practice

  • January 27th - Left Coast Elite League starts (Portland, OR)


  • February 2nd- Practice

  • February 3rd - Left Coast Elite League (Portland, OR)

  • February 9th - Practice

  • February 10th - Left Coast Elite League (Portland, OR)

  • February 16th - Practice

  • February 17th - Left Coast Elite League (Portland, OR)

  • February 23rd - Pylon Vegas Tournament (Mesquite, NV)

  • February 24th - Pylon Vegas Tournament (Mesquite, NV)

MARCH 2019

  • March 2nd - Practice

  • March 3rd - Practice

  • March 9th - Practice

  • March 10th - Passing Down (Portland, OR) Tournament

  • March 16th - Practice

  • March 17th - Practice

  • March 23rd/24th - OFF (Spring Break)

  • March 30th/31st - OFF (Spring Break)

APRIL 2019

  • April 6th - Left Coast Elite Tourney (Location TBD)

  • April 7th - Practice

  • April 13th - Practice

  • April 14th - Left Coast Elite Tourney (Seattle, WA)

  • April 20th - Practice

  • April 21st - OFF (Easter Sunday)

  • April 27th - Practice

  • April 28th - Practice

MAY 2019

  • May 4th - Practice

  • May 5th - IBC Elite Tournament (Salem, OR)

  • May 11th - Practice

  • `May 12th - OFF (Mother’s Day)

  • May 18th - Practice

  • May 19th - Practice

  • May 25th - EForce Invite (Youth only)

  • May 26th - EForce Invite (High School only)

Once confirmed, you will receive additional information regarding practice schedules and 7v7 season logistics.



1) Who is eligible to play for the Valley Capitals? Any athletes from Salem, Albany, Corvallis and surrounding areas. Current High School, 7th/8th and 5th/6th grade teams.

2) How are athletes selected? By participating in the EForce 7v7 tryouts starting in November.

3) Can I play 7v7 if I play other sports (basketball, baseball, lacrosse, etc.)? Absolutely. The EForce program is build around the Long Term Athlete Development model and we firmly believe all athletes should participate in multiple sports. Practices, tournaments and training sessions fit in the margin of other activities.

4) What is the EForce College Roadmap & Advocacy Program? The EForce College Roadmap and Advocacy Program is a collection of college contacts, information and best practices to help families navigate the recruiting process. We provide resources to athletes and parents on how to contact college coaches, plan academic schedules, create highlight tapes, and more. In addition, the EForce coaching staff has connection to college coaching staffs at all levels across the country and will help be an advocate to these schools for EForce athletes. Click here for more info.

5) What is the schedule for the Valley Capitals 7v7 season? Please click the following link for a preliminary schedule (**dates are subject to change): SCHEDULE PREVIEW