Combine Prep and Testing Clinics

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Our football combine Testing Clinics offer a chance for athletes to test their performance with combine drills before attending an event with college coaches and recruiting chances on the line.

During the Prep Clinics, EForce Performance coaches teach the technique required to maximize performance during each drill.  Athletes are given an opportunity to try each drill and practice.  

The Testing Clinics are a performance event, allowing athletes to participate in combine events and receive a PDF sheet with results from each event. 


Speed, Agility, Jumps (SAJ) Camps

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EForce Speed, Agility, and Jumping Camp are 6 week long camps that go 2 days per week.

The camps are designed using the most up-to-date training research/methods and are focused on the development of:

  • Running technique
  • Linear/multi-directional/change of direction skills
  • Acceleration/deceleration
  • Jumping/landing mechanics and power development
  • Injury reduction and core strength. 

Athletes will receive pre and post testing to show quantifiable/objective changes in performance.


SAJ - June 11th to July 20th (Westside)

Monday and Wednesdays


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SAJ - June 11th to July 20th (Eastside)

Tuesday and Thursday


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