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Youth, High School, College, and Pro athletes

Our Group Performance Training is designed for athletes to come in at the designated times/days/locations offered, and train in a high energy motivating environment.  Although athletes will be training in a group setting, each athlete will receive their own tailored program created off of a base assessment.

Athletes will follow one the EForce Systems that is deeply rooted in Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD). These systems utilize the appropriate exercise progressions and regressions to optimize their development throughout the process.  Training numbers will be tracked/analyzed daily and weekly to allow for the best training results.  This Group Performance has been shown to greatly increase all aspects of an athlete’s athleticism.  Maintaining small class sizes allows athletes to receive a large amount of personal attention for our staff.

Group Performance Training at EForce Performance has 3 different systems:

1. PE Performance (1st-4th grade)

2. Select Performance (5th-9th grade)

3. Elite Performance (10th-12th grade)


SYSTEM NAME: P.E. Performance Training: (1st-4th grade) 

CLASS NAME: P.E. Performance

FUNdamentals  -  Our PE Performance Training is designed for young and developing athletes who want to train and learn in a high energy motivating environment. The EForce PE Performance is strongly rooted in Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD), focusing on developing physical literacy to improve the quality of sport and physical activity so athletes can realize their potential. The goal is to facilitate physiological/biomechanical development, and fundamental movement patterns, while in a fun and positive environment that allows kids to gain an appreciation for a healthy lifestyle.

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SYSTEM NAME: Select Performance: (5th-9th grade) 

CLASS NAME: Performance/In-Season: Group Training (Soon: EForce Select)

Learn to Train  -  With youth sports in mind, EForce Select Performance is created for athletes learning to train.  It gives the athlete an introduction to traditional sprint, jump, and weight training through personalized programs and progressions based on sport, age, and ability.  Coaches provide modifications of training volume and intensity based off of sporting needs.  EForce Select Performance also includes conditioning designed to develop the necessary energy systems for each sport.

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SYSTEM NAME: Elite Performance: (10th-12th grade) 

CLASS NAME: Performance/In-Season: Group Training (Soon: EForce Elite)

Train to Compete  -  EForce Elite Performance is based on the idea of athletes training to compete.  This system is designed to prep athletes to peak for their Varsity and/or Senior season.  Athletes are given an exposure to elite level training to prep for high level competition through an increased frequency and exposure to sprints, jumps, and lifts to further enhance the athletes abilities.

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SYSTEM NAME: In-Season Training: Youth, High School, and College Athletes 

CLASS NAME: Performance/In-Season: Group Training (Soon: EForce Select, or Elite)

Maintenance & Recovery  -  As seen all too often, many athletes spend countless hours in the off-season working to develop themselves to their peak potential for their season.  Unfortunately, many of these same athletes neglect to continue training during the season, leading to a decrease in speed, power, strength, and conditioning when it matters the most (post-season play). As an extension of our 1-on-1, Semi-Private, and Group Performance Training we offer In-Season training for athletes. This allows them to maintain their abilities while addressing any potential injuries as they come.

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